The One/The One ST Magazine Cover Disks

Here are a few of the One/One ST magazine coverdisks. Zogging Hell hasn't got many yet so that's where you come in... All the disks are in zipped format. Also we've had a few problems dating some of them (no dates in the disk). Thanks to a collaberation with the 'The One' Coverdisk Basement we will soon have some more disks here. Thanks to X3peri_MENTaL for letting us use his disk images and for being the only one to spot nothing was working on this page!

These disks are not in much order at the moment, cause the mags are needed to date them..


October 1988

Nebulus Demo


The One 1990

Pipemania, Gazza's Super Soccer, Team Yankee playable demos. Not yet available but hopefully soon (there appears to be some copy protection issues. Boo.). Until such time as it is available we'll leave a zipped version of just the files here. If some enterprising hacker wants to crack them then there we are..

The One 1990

Rotoplex Playable Demo. Zipped files only, try it and see if works..


The One 1991

Prehistorik and R.B.I. Baseball playable demos. MSA format.

The One 1991

Team Suzuki Trainer Disk and Logical Playable Demo. MSA format.

The One ST 1991 Disk 3

Pit Fighter and Microprose Golf Playable Demos. Due to the copy protected nature this disk is in a zipped MSA format. Hopefully it should work, but it seems unlikely. Why on earth did they copy protect coverdisks? Update - Microprose Golf seems to work, but Pitfighter doesn't seem to want to play dice. Shame, cus the demos actually faster and smoother than the real game. Microprose Golfs way better though anyway..


The One ST January 1992 Disk 6

Robocod, Barbarian II Playable Demos. MSA format


The One, Unknown

World Class Rugby Demo, Super Nova. Zipped files only. There appeared to be some copy protection on this disk as we couldn't copy a file called 'super' (presumably relating to Super Nova so don't be suprised if it doesn't run). It could however be down to the copy we have being on a high density disk. Doh!

The One, Unknown

Pacific Islands Demo, Cheaters Digest Taster. Not sure about this one. Came on unmarked disk, possible however.. Zipped files only.

The One, Unknown

Brat. As above. Zipped files only.


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