ST User Magazine Coverdisks 1993

January 1993

STOS 3D, Alarm.acc, Ditch Day Drifter (Game), GMap (Hard disk mapping program), Y-Modem.

February 1993

Mini Office Professional Spreadsheet, Fun School 3 Module, Midi Maze 2, Art ST, Filemover.

March 1993

Mini Office Professional Comms, Fun School 3 Module, Super Boot 8, Tera desktop (replacement desktop), Chain Prg, More Utilities.

April 1993

Hisoft C, Stereo Master, Word Search, Centipede, Animtool.

May 1993

Personal Finance Manager, ST Tools, Scribe, View, Midi Demo, IBS Pegasus (game), Samples, ST Zip.

June 1993

Available but not catalogued.

July 1993

Video Master, Truepaint Demo, GNU Chess, Everest, Dynaram.

August 1993

Available but directory not yet done.

September 1993

STOS, Pools Predictor.

October 1993

Timeworks Word Writer 2 (Word Processor), Cyberdrome Hoverjet Simulator Demo, DC Xtract (Archiver Utility), DC SEA (Converts archived files into self extracting archives)

November 1993

Prodata, Oxyd Demo, Fat Cache, C Tutorial.

December 1993 Disk 1

Dogfight, Conquest, Midi Maze 2.

December 1993 Disk 2

Protext 6 Demo, Floppy and Hard drive utilities.

Christmas 1993

Prism Paint II, Fractal Engine, Brain Damage.


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