ST User Magazine Coverdisks 1992

January 1992

Lotus Turbo Challenge II Demo, Klatrix, Inside the STe, Mr Dice, Doodle, STOS Manual.

February 1992

Hotwheels, Accompanist, Crossword, Rockfall, Artprint, Monoacc, STOS, No Through Road.

March 1992

Flipped, Fontkit Plus, Freeze Dried Terminal, Plax Atax, Five Demos.

April 1992

Mutant Caterpillars, First Word, Quizical, Bang, Four Demos.

May 1991

Harlekin, Chess, Duck Dash, Outliner, Showtrix, Zap, Comms Patches, Dragon, Programming files.

June 1992

Air to Air, Superboot, Spider Spell, Soft Sci Screen Saver, Breakit, Superboot, Turrets, Ultimate Virus Killer Demo, Land Generator, Invert, Resource to C converter.

July 1992

Escapade, Master Time, Accload, Fastprint, Handy Acc, Autoraise, Compare (Text file comparison program), Little Green File Selector, Slug.

August 1992

Fractal Music Demo, Chain Reaction, Dump, Boink, Gogo ST, Pure Logic, Dump, Bundle, Fleabyte calculators.

September 1992

Midistudio, Assassin, ST80 Cross Assembler, Blox, Fractals, Snake, HP Chrome.

October 1992

Pools, Mystic Well, Autosort, Amiga Emulator, Finder, MKRsc, Turtle, SysInfo, NBM Benchmarker, Filetool, Life.

November 1992

Available but not catalogued.

December 1992

Quantum Paint 2, Home Accounts 2, Rodent, Auto Raise, Mint Utility Files, Supercard Prg Upgrade, Sumaria, Assembler Files.


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