Atari User Magazine Cover Disks

Here are most of the Atari ST User (1989 - 1994) coverdisks. We've decided due to the amount of disks involved to split this section into years. This section would not be in anywhere near the state it is today without the help of K.W.Cullum, who supplied at least 50% of the disks here. Many thanks to him. Des Watson for supplying one vital disk. We've had some info about the Sept'89 disk that the Blockade file may have been corrupted/missing at distribution, On further investigation we realised we'd buggered this one up totally and had somehow got the wrong disk up. This has now been corrected. Also we now have information that the two game special disk we had included as part of the 1989 series was in fact from 1990, included to say sorry for a virus on the November 1990 cover disk (Don't worry, I checked this one and its been blasted!). This has also now been corrected (Thanks to Will for pointing that out). If you find there are any files missing on any of the disks supplied here then let us know...

Atari ST User Cover Disks from 1989

Atari ST User Cover Disks from 1990

Atari ST User Cover Disks from 1991

Atari ST User Cover Disks from 1992

Atari ST User Cover Disks from 1993 or

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