ST Review Magazine Cover Disks

There are now only a few missing disks and this should be sorted shortly. Most of these disks are in a zipped MSA format, however in some cases (Disk Nos 1.2, 33.1, 33.2 and 35.2) this proved impossible to carry out due to er, interesting disk formats. Therefore these files are in the normal plain vanilla zipped format.
This section is pretty much complete. Many thanks to P. Barton, D. Watson, E. Lener, P. Matthews and K.W.Cullum for sending in disks and helping to get this section to where it is today.....

Recent Update!

Thanks to an alert Zogging Hell user we've been alerted to a few problems in this section.

The links to disks 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 33.1 weren't working. This is now fixed, bar 33.1 which seems to have disappeared. This will be sorted shortly.

Disk 35.2. Error in archive and Disk 28 is missing. Both these faults will be fixed shortly.

ST Review 1.1
Powerplay, a complete if tacky god game.

Download ST Review 1.1

ST Review 1.2
ST-Zine, International Cricket, Feeling Partner.

Download ST Review 1.2

ST Review 2.1
Ocean's Pushover, Easy Storage, Stos Graphics.

Download ST Review 2.1

ST Review 2.2
Video Editor, Deluxe Paint (Demo), Personal Data.

Download ST Review 2.2

ST Review 3.1
S.T.A.C. ST Adventure Creator (Full Prog).

Download ST Review 3.1

ST Review 3.2
Asteroids, Deluxe Paint (Fully useable version?), Kaosdesk, STOS Updater Files, Darklord Screen Saver.

Download ST Review 3.2

ST Review 4.1
Hisoft Basic 1, DC Mouse Shifter, Siren, Turbo ST demo, V clock, Abbreviator, Picview.

Download ST Review 4.1

ST Review 4.2
Dr Tiricc, Island Hopping.

Download ST Review 4.2

ST Review 5.1
First Word Plus, X-Control, Maccel 3, Rate HD, Hisoft Basic Compiler, Mirrors, Sentinel, Takemem.

Download ST Review 5.1

ST Review 5.2
Striker demo, 1st Track demo, Square Off, Powaqqatsi (Chess game), Drachen, Expander, Pinhead 2.1, STD Catalogue 5.0, and more.

Download ST Review 5.2

ST Review 6.1
Paintpot (Full prog), Mithral (3D animation prog), Kraska (Fractal art prog).

Download ST Review 6.1

ST Review 6.2
Aaron (Full game), James 12 (Utility prog), Hot Shot (Draughts game), Typist (Typing tutor), Antibomb (ST crash informer), ASCIIfy (Convert 1st word txt to ASCII), DC_Fkeys (Assign macros to function keys), Resound (Plays a sample each time you quit a program).

Download ST Review 6.2

ST Review 7.1

Download ST Review 7.1

ST Review 7.2
Timeworks cont., Basic Tutorials, Fun Screen corruption utilities.

Download ST Review 7.2

ST Review 8.1
Cyber Studio (Full prog), 250 Clip Art Images in IMG format.

Download ST Review 8.1

ST Review 8.2
Evader (Complete game), Alarm (Alarm clock), Auto_bak (ACC that deletes any specified extension), Dformat (Formatting prog ACC or PRG + PC disks), Magnify (Magnify area under mouse), Slug (Game), TOS Fixes, Which_ST (Give comprehensive diagnosis of ST).

Download ST Review 8.2

ST Review 9.1
Cyber Paint, Timeworks clipart, Two desk accs, Hisoft Basic Code.

Download ST Review 9.1

ST Review 9.2

Kid GP, Plop, Terradesk, Finder, Tworkbak (Timeworks back up program), Hands On (Midi song) RDE, Picswitch 7, Xmas Clipart.

Download ST Review 9.2

ST Review 10.1
Cyber Control, Namegram, LHARC 201, Scrub, View, Scan 4 Pic.

Download ST Review 10.1

ST Review 10.2
Squish, UVK Demo, Multidesk Demo, Stats, Searcher, Boink, Hisoft Basic Command Listings, Family Tree, Clipart, Mazist, Multi Label Collection.

Download ST Review 10.2

ST Review 11.1
Breakthru (64 track midi sequencer).

Download ST Review 11.1

ST Review 11.2
Invaders (Full game), Telebook (Phone/address database), Grand Prix Manager (Demo), Renameit (Name files using almost any ascii chars), Sprint (Fast print spooler), Big Text (Creat large txt for letterheads), Hisoft Basic Commands.

Download ST Review 11.2

ST Review 12
Video Titler, Kid Kong, Bugs UK, Scribe, Line Art Font (For Timeworks).

Download ST Review 12

ST Review 13
Write On, Trech (Calculator), Idle (Configurable Screen Saver).

Download ST Review 13

ST Review 14
Easy Draw 2, D-Term, Autobort, Ramdisk, Basic Tutorial, Extakey Acc.

Download ST Review 14

ST Review 15
Easy Tools (For use with Easy Draw 2), Frogger (Game), Chameleon (Load any ACC any time), Speed of Light (256 colour picture viewer), Cixcomm/Read (Off-line comms prog for CIX. 1 meg), Gembench (Bench testing prog).

Download ST Review 15

ST Review 16
Concerto (24 track midi editor), Kaboom! (Game), Metaview (See GEM pics from the desktop), Keyshow (View fonts char set in Write on), Fractgen (Create, save & print fractals).

Download ST Review 16

ST Review 17
Prospero C, Critical Mass.

Download ST Review 17

ST Review 18
Easy Money, ST Doodle, Pic Switch, Safemenu, Procalc, General GDOS (For showing Gdos fonts).

Download ST Review 18

ST Review 19
Flair Paint (Full Program).

Download ST Review 19

ST Review 20
Easy Base (Full mono database prog. 1 meg), Digitape (Record direct to disk. Falcon demo), Dark Pearl (Game), Gembench (Multitos compatible system analyser).

Download ST Review 20

ST Review 21.1
Timeworks Publisher 2 (Demo Version. 1 meg required.)

Download ST Review 21_1

ST Review 21.2
Winx (Expand ST operating system), Gemram (Installs GEM into ram for Winx), Let 'Em Fly ( Adds shortcuts to dialogue boxes), Shell Buffer (Stops newdesk.inf files from being corrupted), Silkmouse (Mouse accelerator), Spirit Editor (Text editor for use with Timeworks 2 and on its own), Thurg And Murg (Platform Game).

Download ST Review 21_2

ST Review 22
Contents not yet catalogued... it is here though!

Download ST Review 22

ST Review 23
K-Resource, Kandinsky, Selectric, Teradesk.

Download ST Review 23

ST Review 24
Calligrapher Proffesional. Full Version. Lacks spelling dictionaries but if someone wants to send them in.... Update! Here they are (as if by magic..)

Download ST Review 24



ST Review 25
Contents not yet catalogued

Download ST Review 25

ST Review 26
Gemview 3 Special Edition, X-Control with a host of CPX extensions.

Download ST Review 26

ST Review 27
Master CAD, Kobold demo, ZX81 Emulator (Probably the best ST review disk ever!).

Download ST Review 27

ST Review 29
Ez Art Professional Demo, Rainbow Demo, Querg Drafts, Everest 3.3, DA Calc, Twiddly, Resimed, Rsd to Lst (K-Resource headers to GFA basic).

Download ST Review 29

ST Review 30.1
Ishar III demo.

Download ST Review 30.1

ST Review 30.2
Eclipse, Spectra, Imagecopy 3 demo, Supersam (ST Review version).

Download ST Review 30.2

ST Review 31
Address, Masterbrowse, Boxkite, Edhak demo, One Jack, Assign.

Download ST Review 31

ST Review 32.1
Premiere Manager 2.

Download ST Review 32.1

ST Review 32.2
Family Roots, Neodesk 4 demo, Gemspool, Bigcolor, Turbogif.

Download ST Review 32.2

ST Review 33.1
Easy Text Pro.

Download ST Review 33.1

ST Review 33.2
Easy Text Pro (cont.) and Stereo CAD demo.

Download ST Review 33.2

ST Review 34.1
Obsession demo, Speed of Light.

Download ST Review 34.1

ST Review 34.2
Harlekin 2, Alibi, DM2works, Desktracker, FozCi, Fredwest (printer spooler, not some mass murderer), Horace, Music Calculator, Loadinf, Perfskip, Recoverable Trashcan, Silkboot, SMF play, Ultimem 1.00.

Download ST Review 34.2

ST Review 35.1
Zero 5.

Download ST Review 35.1

ST Review 35.2
Video Supreme, Egale, FSearch and five other utilities.

Download ST Review 35.2



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