Super Hang-On (Electric Dreams 1988 - Software Studios)

The classic motorbike racer, brought to ST seemingly fairly intact by Electric Dreams (who also did the ST conversion of that other great R-Type). It's a straight all out race between the checkpoints style of game, this time though your progress almost entirely depends on your use of the bike's speed boost (which can take the bike to a positively ludicrous 325mph). Get it right and getting to the next checkpoint in time is no problem. Get it wrong or crash a lot and your history. This is probably the best example of this type of motorbike game on the ST and probably one of the best racers on the ST full stop. The graphics look a bit dated and a little jerky, sound is ok if basic but the gameplay has survived the transistion intact.

Zogging Hell Rating: 8/10


Complete most of a stage or finish it, so that you can enter your name at position one on the high score table (one of four). Instead of entering your name, input (with the joystick or mouse) 207L. A line of dots will appear now, instead of the aforementioned. Now, wait until the next screen appears and then press CTRL, ALT, Z and T in that order, and wait for the next screen to appear. Let go of the T and this will activate the cheat mode. What this does is give you the option of changing the centrifugal force. Change it to zero and you will be able to just hold down the nitro and zoom along!! Of course, if it gets too easy, change the force to something higher!


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