Kick Off II (Anco 1991)

After the massive success of the original Kick Off a sequel was unavoidable. Kick Off II takes the aspects of the original and expands and polishes them. If you like the overhead arcadey style of football game, then you'll love this, it's better than the overated Sensible Soccer, though it maybe isn't quite as good as the excellent Team. I'll admit to prefering the horizontal scrolling football games like Manchester 'spit' United Europe and International Soccer to this but then that's just me.
Kick Off is somewhat bland graphically and suffers from the occasional glitch. The upside of this is the raw speed. Playability is good, though unfortuantly one of my pet hates of the sixteen bit soccer world occurs, the ball that isn't stuck to the feet of the players feature (i.e. if you should be so petulant as to attempt a turn while running with the ball then it will keep on going in the direction you were running in, normally to the feet of the player you were trying to avoid). I must say I hate this, it really takes away something that would hook the beginner. Kick Off suffers from the normal 'one fire button = hideously over complicated system of control', but then most football games on the ST do unfortunately, and at least its not as harsh as Man Utd Europe's kick it in a certain direction and you'll get a pathetically weak pass, when you want a shot. The usual features of football games are available including 'design a kit' and various cup matches.
So better than the original then, but not by a very large margin. Not that that's bad though.

Zogging Hell Rating: 8/10


Keep pressing 'r' when you take a penalty and this will show you where the player is going to kick the ball!

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