Magic Pockets

Gosh is that a Megadrive. Magic Pockets graphics certainly look like they belong on the second generation 16bits, just goes to show what the ST was capable of if the programmers could be bothered. Opening tune by the one and only Betty Boo as well, blimey! Magic Pockets first arrived as a charater in a phone in game on the appalling kids program Motormouth. Magic Pockets is so called, because the star, the appallingly named Bitmap kid, indeed has magic pockets. He can store all sorts of things inside them you see, but normally it's things like hurricanes. He needs his pockets as well if he's to get through this cutesy platform game. Graphically splendid (as I might have mentioned before), and with pretty scorching gameplay, Magic Pockets is probably the best platformer on the ST. The only a few things are against it. The in-game sound is the usual Bitmaps come down (i.e. it's naff). And it's possibly a little to large, without any sort of break up (Bad thing? Depends on your attention span!). Again another highly professional effort from the Bitmaps...

Zogging Hell Rating: 9/10

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