Wicked is one of those striking games, firstly there's the beautiful opening sequence where the sun shines through the letters of the game. Then there's the chip music and sound fx which are beautiful too. Even the picture when you die of a hand emerging from a grave is beautiful. Peace man, Peace and love. Er yes, that quite enough of that hippy nonsense. Yes Wicked fits together to form a very nice package. It can be best be described as a puzzle game come shoot em up. You race around killing of the evil grey seeds while propagating (blimey) your own nice orange seeds. To win the orange must kill off the grey, you can help it by shooting the Evil's red spores and planting your own. But it's not that easy. Evil, represented by a nasty looking face in the middle of the screen has sent a guardian, who's soul purpose is to give you a good bashing. Win and you go on to clear all twelve constellations of the zodiac (I've never got past Taurus, but then I am not the world's greatest 16bit games player). It's only failing is that it is a bit too hard and sometimes a bit too frustrating, also that it can be a tinsy bit repetitive.

Zogging Hell Rating: 8/10


Download Wicked as a zipped file here. To decompact this file onto a DD floppy, you will need ST Zip downloadable from here. Emulator users will have to convert it to *.ST or *.MSA format by copying the zipped files onto a blank disk image using your emulator.

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