One of the plethora of Populous wannabees that flooded onto the ST during the early nineties Meglomania put more emphasis on game than strategy. The result is a technically impressive game which has a few gameplay flaws which ruin it. Sonically it's digitised voices are excellent though the other sound effects are rare (mainly due to the fact as usual in ST games, its either FX or music. Graphically being from Sensible Software (responsible for the woefully overrated Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder). As far as the game itself is concerned, it starts off well. The opponents are pretty reasonable and gameplay wise its a lot of fun advancing your technology levels. Then you realise that you can beat them by attacking as soon as possible. So you do this and finish off the first two time periods (or epochs, as the game loftily calls them) in about 2 minutes. In the 3rd Epoch the enemy however use the same tactics and just wipe the floor with you constantly, mainly thanks to the fact they have loads more men. It's a dreadful shame really as Meglomania would have been a lot better if it gave you time to think. Speaking of time, it's another of the games faults. If the time speed is set too fast, you can lose your kingdom without knowing it, the enemy are that quick. Set it to slow and you will also lose your kingdom without knowing it, mainly because you will fall asleep due to lack of things to do. Could have sent Populous packing, but as it is, its just an also ran (though a goodish one).

Zogging Hell Rating 8/10


EPOCH       PASSWORD            MEN
1ST         UWIANCYIWMD         100
2ND         CKPCHDQGIHJ         170
3RD         BOYBZGHWSHT         225
4TH         FWBDXZCDXBR         624
5TH         BYPCHZNYUHN         630
6TH         PDSDFOIAXHL         620
7TH         YLHBDNKDIBB         600
8TH         SMQCTGFDOTL         580
9TH         SUDCNQTMAMB         380
10TH        RGFDHVVYKGF         420


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