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Welcome to a new section which hosts downloads from the various PD libraries that existed during the ST's hey day. The individual libraries are broken up by name and then each section starts, if we have one, with a catalogue disk. The rest of the disks we have for that library then follow in numerical order. There are a lot so you'll have to excuse us if we don't list the contents for each disk (although we will try to if we fail to find a catalogue), so you'll have to download the catalogue and search through it. At some point we may dump the catalogues to text files to make things easier, but we felt it important that these disks should spend no more time rotting on hard disks and floppies. We'll be uploading about 40 - 50% of the disks we have this month, so there is more to come. We'd also really appreciate contributions, preferably in the form of a zip file rather than disk images! We have quite a few more images than are up here at the moment, so before you send us zips, please wait a couple of months for us to catch up..

Note: Many of these disks came from the second hand market. We have had to trust the disks are in the original condition they were intended to be, but it is possible that previous users have deleted files, or possibly re-used the disk for other things. Given the amount of work it has taken to save these files (many a long hour over a hot ST, and several broken disk drives), it has not been possible to check each disk individually to make sure its contents matches the catalogue. If you find a problem disk please do let us know.

Note, Note: In extreme cases it was not possible to save every file on some of the dodgy disks we had, so we have left a text file on the disk stating which files are missing.

Note, Note, Note: At present we have no plans to include the Floppyshop library in amongst this, mainly because the entire library was distributed on CD before it closed and images of this CD are out there on the net.

Please Read: Some of the software on these disks is shareware, or has other licensing arrangements. We hope that if anyone does find the software useful they would make some effort to contact the original authors to see if the shareware agreement still stands or at least to thank them for their work. Obviously times move on and many of the original authors will be unreachable, but we feel at least it should be worth a shot. Also if you are an author of some of the software contained on these disks and you feel it is breaching any licensing agreements please do let us know and we will remove the offending software. Please we would urge you though that the goal of this site is actually to preserve your programs for the future and would urge you to consider letting them stay up here.

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