Not a lot of info on this, but was discontinued in 2000, due to it's failure to compete with the Gameboy and Gameboy Colour. It did get a decent load of excellent games though before it gave up the ghost, and its little joypad/stick controller is the best handheld control system I've ever used. Further info would be well appreciated!


Up to 194 Colours on screen from a pallette of 4096, though to be quite honest it doesn't look like it.
Colour High Reflective TFT Liquid Crystal Display
2.6 Inch screen size
Resolution of 160 x 152
Pixel Pitch 0.3 x 0.3mm
40 Hours battery life
Good quality LCD screen, though unfortuantly not backlit.
Revolving joystick
Built in horoscope, watch, calender and alarm...

The Neo Geo Pocket's games



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