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The files below are all little things for the beginner user to add on to their computer, some of its shareware so make sure you read the accompanying docs and register if you find it useful!!! I know other sites have designed essential software downloads, but as it took me five years of being an Atari user till I found a full version of ST Zip, I work under the priciple of the more the better.


Program Description Download
Atari Internet Relay Chat Quirky interface but useful nonetheless Download Atari IRC
A to Z Sorts your text files from A to Z Download AtoZ
Bubblegem Bubble Help Download Bubblegem
Everest The pleasant little shareware editor (Make sure you register) Download Everest
Mouse Boot 4 Always had a soft spot for this boot selector Download Mouse Boot
Olga Allows program communications, essential to the modern day set up Download Olga
ST Zip The Program you need to decompact all the zip files (in self extracting format) Download ST Zip
LHARC Another useful file decompactor (again in self extracting format) Download Lharc
Neochrome One of the original two powerhouse art packages on the ST along with Degas Download Neochrome
Crackart Superb German Package (Shareware) Download Crackart
Midistudio Jnr Cut down version of full program Download Midistudio
Spell It Spell Checker (suprisingly) primarily for 1st Word Download Spell It
1st Word The landmark ST word processor Download 1st Word
Hyperpaint 2 First class art package, still in my opinion the most friendly to use on the original Atari Download Hyperpaint 2
Magic Shadow Archiver (MSA) Increasingly essential utility. This stores a disk as an file, and is used increasingly by emulators on the PC. The *.MSA is superior to the *.ST format in that MSA can compact the file to a smaller size. Winston and STeem, the two best emulators support MSA. You can also use it to de-compact the games on this page. Not bad for a program that was originally ignored... Download MSA


New with this update is this Games download bay, most of the games are PD and Shareware. The games are in original ST format, games being archived in most cases using Zip. Some may use the Magic Shadow Archiver (available above) and are then put into a zip file. This was purely a ease of use thing. Complex games like Final Fight, worked better using MSA. To uncompact them onto floppy, un-zip them (works best with a hard drive) then run MSA and use it to write a disk for you.
These games are not in the common *.ST format used by emulators, though the *.MSA format can be run by Winston and Steem (Traitors!), so you'll have to use "make disk" which is found on the the Little Green Desktop website (see links) if you've got one of those infuriating Gates machines. I've played through all of the games here so my comments are fairly accurate (for once). These games will work best on floppy disks, though some (mainly the PD ones may run from a hard drive. The games have all been tested on a 512k TOS 1.4 STFM and 4096k TOS 1.2 STFM, obviously memory and other restrictions may apply.
This section may be eventually linked in with ST reviews and games list. I may also think about putting some manuals online...


Program Description Download
Megaroids Brilliant little game that came with my ST, works in ST high or medium resolutions, may work on Atari clones in Single TOS mode Download Megaroids
Ripcord Small game where you have to land your little man on top of a cross, looks rubbish on anything other than a monitor and it needs an ST to run, strangely compelling. Download Ripcord
Box the Dragon and Mastermind Two games, Box the Dragon being simple but addictive, Mastermind being simple but not so addictive. Alarmingly, despite being ancient, this runs flawlessly on the Milan, though its too small in high resolutions Download Box the Dragon and Mastermind
Snake Slightly more up to date version of the classic Download Snake
Headlong A vertical avoid-em-up. It's fast and frenetic, if a bit crappy looking Download Headlong
Invaders Small Space Invaders clone, with both original and modern modes. A nice bit of nostalga. Download Invaders
Jetpac Another fun, small but nicely formed game, Jetpac can best be likened to Joust, though with lasers as opposed to spears. Download Jetpac
Ozone Reasonably nice looking shareware platformer, where you must guide your round charater out of a platform hell Download Ozone
Rebels Vs Laserthons Laser Squad clone, although obviously as non commercial software lacks the scope and polish. Download Rebels vs Laserthons
It's a Mugs Game Boxing game with highly polished (if abstract) beginning and sound effects. Game pretty much involves wacking the fire button as much as poss Download It's a Mug's Game
War Zone (1MB) Fairly competent if graphically uninspiring Worms clone for the ST, most of the gadgets are there. Download Warzone
Power Up Demo (1MB) Demo of the overhead racer, much in the style of Super Sprint and Super Cars. Prefers HD disk drive, and a Falcon or STE. Though it will work on a STFM, and will fit onto two DD floppies, if you split the files (somehow?) Download Power Up Demo
Douglas Rockmoor (1MB) Boulderdash Clone Download Douglas Rockmoor
Mine Sweeper Yes it's that game again, this one works on all Atari compatibles including the Milan in GEM Download Mine Sweeper
World Fighting Championship Err yes, well it's not Streetfighter 2 by any means, but it might keep you occupied for five minutes Download World Fighting Championship
Bomb Jack Another brilliant game by Elite (Did they ever do anything rubbish?). A Bubble Bobble style single screen platfomer. Collect the bombs before you get clobbered by a range of strange enemies. Download Bomb Jack
Sim City Yes one of the all time greats, a bit to lacking in excitment for my tastes, but a classic none the less. Construct your city, building houses, power plants, airports and shops. Then try and stop yourself going bust, or the city falling to pieces round your ears. Download Sim City
Trapped II Non commercial Light Cycles game, good for a laugh. Download Trapped II
Bombs Away Non commercial Dynablaster clone Download Bombs Away
Goin' Down with the Captain No not some sort of Carry On inspired joke title for some sort of dodgy tongue waggling sim, this is a platform game, wher you must plug the leaks in a sinking ship. Very much inspired by the game Tin Tin on the Moon, only this is more playable. Download Goin' Down with the Captain
Island Strike Helicopter game, clearly inspired by Desert Strike etc on the Megadrive and SNES. Download Island Strike
Recoil The opening cover mounted game for the excellent Zero magazine, Recoil is a great Defender clone by Special FX, the chaps responsible for many of Ocean's horizontal shooters Download Recoil
Ammotrak Commercial game from Hewson, another Zero goody, Ammotrak is a bit like Road Wars, the graphics are crude in places, but it's very speedy, and the road looks good (i.e. not stripy like most driving games!) Download Ammotrak
Rampage Another classic, Rampage takes the King Kong theme to it's logical conclusion. It gives you control of a giant monster, and gives you a city to smash with your mates. Once again this came from a Zero coverdisk from the days before the games industry had conspired to kill home computers by banning full games from coverdisks. Download Rampage
Astroidia Shareware game from the infamous Dave Munsie. Asteroidia is unsuprisingly another Asteroids clone. It's kind of snazzed up, like Star Dust or Blasteroids, but it's very slow on an a STFM. The inertia situation is also very unrealistic, and you have great difficulty controlling your ship, Megaroids (also on this site) is more satisfying if less pretty. Download Asteroidia
Atax Vertical scrolling shoot em up. Very hard, with difficult to hit baddies, but one of the better examples Download Atax
Centipede Shareware by Sinister Developents, pretty good centipede clone, with good chip music! Download Centipede
Deflektor Probably the best version of the lasers and mirrors genre, with a catchy chip music theme tune. Deflektor was another commercial game (from Gremlin) released on a Zero cover disk. Unfortuantly with this program it was impossible to seperate it from the other program on the disk, a playable demo of Venus, so there. Download Deflektor
Fred The title also mentions 'the frisky flea' but I thought I'd leave that out for decency's sake. Bizarre non commercial platformer, moving the joystick effects the strength of the jump and the fire button sends you on your merry way. It's tricky to get the hang of, but strangely endearing. Kind of sweet I think. Download Fred (The Frisky Flea)
Snacman Colourful and playable Pacman clone. Download Snacman
Entombed Professional looking platformer from the Rick Dangerous school of style. Stuck in a pyramid your character must escape some rather tricky and devious (not to mention deadly) traps Download Entombed
Lords of Chaos Level The exclusive level that was done for Zero magazine. I think anyone who's read the reviews section knows how much I rate this game! While the spells are more limited in this demo it's still supremely playable. Download Lords of Chaos level
Galaxians Another shareware arcade conversion from Sinister Developments, this time it's the infamous Galaxians who get the treatment. Not as good as their version of Centipede, but maybe that's the original game for you... Download Galaxians
Pothole Another Boulderdash clone, PD was always awash with them. This one has niceish graphics and is quite addictive. Download Pothole
Herman Yet another Boulderdash clone, though this, allegedly, is the best on the ST. Download Herman
Cops N' Robbers Charming little non-commercial game, involving two players. One's the cops and another's the robbers. The robbers try to rob banks while the cops have to try and catch them. Download Cops N' Robbers
Cops N' Robbers 2 As above, but considerably improved!!. Thanks to the author Kevin Scott himself for sending this! Download Cops N' Robbers 2
Chain Reaction Very addictive puzzler. Download Chain Reaction
Bomb and Blastman Very good non commercial two player Super Bomberman clone. Download Bomb and Blastman
Hardball One for the Americans, this is a reasonable commercial baseball game from Activision (Zero cover game). It makes about as much sense to me as the offside rule means to Dr Spock, but there we are... Download Hardball
Steel One of the better known of Zero's cover mounted commercial games, Steel has your robot exploring a space ship as it tries not to be destroyed by a never ending supply of enemies. The most important objects (computers in the background) can be accessed by pressing up on the joypad/stick. Doors can be accessed by pressing up and down respectively. Download Steel
Hacker II Infiltration game, with seemingly one of the longest intro's in history (and it's tedious!). Basically you have to guide these robots past security guards and camera's to access a safe. A tad tricky, to say the least...Zero cover disk commmercial game. Download Hacker II
Thurg and Murg A pretty good non commercial platformer with nice graphics and gameplay. Kind of a cross between Bubble Bobble and Bomb Jack. Download Thurg and Murg
Walls of Illusion (1mg) Shareware version of the excellent Dungeon Master clone. It's so well done, it's almost as good as the original. Probably the best of the non commercial Dungeon Master clones. This is the English version. Download Walls of Illusion
Chaos (1mg version) This is an unofficial 16bit conversion of the 8bit game Chaos by Julian Gollop. This is the game on which Lords of Chaos is based. It's got all the elements of it's big brother here (although on a much smaller scale), plus some excellent samples that really contribute to the gameplay. One of the gems of PD. A 512k version will be uploaded as well soon. Download Chaos
Medieval Chess Goodish version of chess, but you have to fight your opponents with weapons. Similarish to Battle Chess. People expecting piles of forethought and intelligence may be dissappointed. Download Medieval Chess
Mine Sweeper Another, less sophisticated version of the nothing better to do on a PC classic. Download Mine Sweeper
Magic Stones A selection of Tetris variants that run under GEM and therefore are compatible with all Atari's including the Milan. Download Magic Stones
Hero Kind of like an adventure game crossed with Gauntlet. The graphics aren't all that special, I can't remember hearing any sound, and its very easy to die. It's an adventure game though, so fans of the genre may quite like it. There is a sequel, which will be uploaded in due course. PD. Download Hero
Glass Buttock of Tharg Shareware adventure game, very similar in graphical style to the first Ishar game. Your team of comedy characters much go around recruiting as many men as possible in order to eliminate the Glass Buttock. A very nice game indeed from the author of Grandad. Download Glass Buttock of Tharg
Snowball Fight Funny snowball throwing game. A slight similarity to Worms. Players lob snowballs at each other accompanied by a range of amusing samples. Pretty enjoyable stuff. Download Snowball Fight
Sky Duel (Not TOS 2.06 or TOS 1.02) Shareware by Munsie. Excellent little game. Fly your little machines in an attempt to blast your opponent out of the sky. Really very good. Download Sky Duel
Snowball in Hell Totally random title for a game with no relation to either of these things. Its really a odd mix of Breakout and a shoot-em-up. Very frustrating. Ex-commercial from one of ST Format's cover disks. Download Snowball in Hell
Hysula 3D first person adventure, written using the Freescape system. It's hardly Goldeneye, but the 3D is reasonable and you can work out what's going on quite easily. Time has clearly been spent on the graphics, but the system is a bit jerky, and the controls sometimes annoying. Download Hysula
Blackscar Mountain Excellent (If you like that sort of thing) little text adventure with graphics. Download Blackscar Mountain
Midi Wiz Strategy game in the style of Civilisation. The bonus being that several ST's can be linked together using, suprisingly from the title, midi cables. The docs are mainly in German, but Zogging Hell has written a small playing guide to help you get started (docs/zoggdoc.txt). The program itself is in English. Shareware. Download Midi Wiz
Starball Starball is a shareware pinball game and a very good at that. Hailed as the greatest non-commercial game ever on the ST. Download Starball
Robot Repairs Inc Arcade game. Your probe thingy must collect virus particles from inside a robots head. You could go mad if you took that scenario seriously! From the author of Cops N Robbers. Download Robot Repairs
Sno-Fite More snowball chucking, without the samples of the game elsewhere in this page. From the author of Cops N Robbers. Download Sno-Fite

Here at Zogging Hell, we're thinking of puting some more games and applications on this site. These will include now unavailable ex-commercial games and applications. While we are aware that this is a bit legally dodgy, we'd hope that you'll appreciate that these games are no longer available to buy and many are now pretty much obsolete. While Zogging Hell deplores the pirates who buggered up the ST games and application industry, its a bit late to save it now, and in fact a system whereby these bits of software are preserved for the future seems like a sensible solution. Zogging Hell will not distribute anything that is still commercially available as we hope you will still buy them (you should, or else we'll send the boys round!!).
Future uploads will include Final Fight (hopefully), Degas Elite, Deluxe Paint

Furthermore Zogging Hell intends to increase substantially the amount of PD software stored on the site. Classics like ST Writer, Crack Art and others will soon be here.

Legal Note: Er just to be on the safe side you should really have a original copy of the commercial stuff before you download ;-).


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