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What a way to start a review section. Asteroids is one of Atari's best known games and one of the classics from the golden era of videogames. So how does the VCS version play. Well it's a bit flickery to say the least. The asteroid's are enough to give you a migraine, as the slow screen updates constanly redraw them. The play mechanics are very close to the original. The space ship you control has hideous amounts of overthrust when you try and control it. While this is a pain, it is closer to the arcade original than say the 7800's excellent version. The break up of the asteroids under fire is a little dissapointing, they can very often be disposed of in one go. Also the VCS's low res graphics sometimes make the screen a little cramped. Having said this, the basic brilliant ingredients of Asteroids remain intact, and this is a good game.

Zogging Hell Rating: 8/10



Cookie Monster Munch


Defender II

Double Dragon

It's Space Invaders, basically, but with a few changes. The enemies don't wobble down in rows, but instead individually swoop at you. The enemies not getting closer takes some of the tension away, but it's a more sophisticated game for it. You also don't get any bases to defend you from enemy fire, but then again there's more room to blast the buggers. This VCS version is a lot better than the clones I've played on the ST, and is a well deserved winner.

Zogging Hell Rating: 9/10

Jungle Hunt


Everyone's heard the amusing story of how Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man in Japan. In the west Puck-Man had to have a name change due to the fact Puck could be easily altered into something rather rude. The 2600 version is undeniably average, and bloody hard, and is a easy one to add to your collection, mainly due to it being one of those over produced games like ET, which everyone seemed to own. The ghosts are particularly nasty, and are always coming after you en-masse. There are a few control problems, but nothing that you can't get used to, and you imagine that it could be a little prettier looking, but, it's Pac-Man alright...

Zogging Hell Rating: 7/10

Pick and Pile


Pole Position

Real Sports Football

Space Invaders

Sprint Master

Star Raiders

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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