Real Sports Football

Slightly crud this one. But then most sports games involving balls (No rudeness intended) before the current crop of consoles were. The game needs to be reset to work out how many players its got (a bad start), you then need to work out which play/strategy you want by using the joystick. After this your thrower gets the ball, and can either throw, kick or run with it. If you throw you always miss your man, or he gets tackled. If you kick you stand a very poor chance of getting a goal. If you run with it you get tackled very quickly, unless you have the difficulty setting on B which allows you to run faster than your opponent.
The game is distinctly unsatisfactory, though it could be promoted to reasonable fun if you have a friend for two player. Neither of you will will probably know whats going on however....

Zogging Hell Rating: 5/10


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