Jungle Hunt

Despite an initial similarity to Pitfall, Jungle Hunt is a rather special game in its own right. Featuring some graphics that for the 2600 are quite lovely and some pleasant sound effects, Jungle Hunt holds a special place in Zogging Hell's very small and shrivelled heart. Split into four basic sub-games Jungle Hunt starts Tarzan style with your character swinging vine to vine in a some progressively leaping manouvres. Some fake but impressive looking parallax scrolling is involved. The next stage see's our Jungle Monkey swimming through a crocodile infested river. Here a dubious choice faces our rather pink skinned hero. Either he can swim at full speed and complete the section quickly, or stop swimming and use his knife to give the crocs a good kicking (and increase his score). All the time the player (that's you idiot) must check his oxygen or spend some time feeding some fishes. After this comes the most difficult, and annoying stage. Boulders bounce towards our little chap and he must successfully leap over them, or quite literally get flattened. Finally a rather ridiculous native attempts to skewer our Indy wannabee. Finish these stages and in the time honoured tradition of many a VCS game, it repeats, but harder. Good effort.

Zogging Hell Rating: 9/10



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