Cookie Monster Munch

Based on the famous Sesame Street charater of the same name, Cookie Monster Munch is a tad reminiscent of Pacman. The game is one of those 2600 marvels that are really masses of variations of the same game. However there are two main variations. The first has you playing as the Cookie Monster. You move round a maze collecting cookies that you redeposit in your cookie pot before time runs out. The second and more interesting part has you against the bastard furry TV critter, as you attempt to grab as many cookies as possible from those available in the maze. Every time you grab one the greedy beggar leaps over the fence at the top of the maze and goes for the nearest cookie. Or you, depending on which is closer. If you gets you he clobbers you and eats the cookie you were carrying. How rude. It's surprisingly addictive and the only thing missing is that bizarre 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 pinball tune that seemed to be in every episode of Sesame St.

Zogging Hell Rating: 7/10


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