Un-argueably one of the all time classics, Centipede offered a complete step up in action from Space Invaders. You control a little blob, which can move anywhere in the bottom quarter of the screen. The rest of the screen is filled with mushrooms that absorb your fire. The Centipede advances from the top of the screen towards you and you have to introduce it to extinction by destroying its various body parts. While all this is going on various other insects attack you, spiders bounce from the side onto your head, scorpions add more mushrooms for you to shoot. The VCS version of Centipede is without doubt the best version of the game on the home format. It stands up to the test of time pretty well, and while its not a game of staggering depth, its undoubtly more fun than many games that do. The sound effects for the VCS are excellent, a Space Invaders heart beat type sound combined with various beeps and blaps, adding well to the frenzied nature of the game.

Zogging Hell Rating: 9/10



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