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Zogging Hell first went online in 1999, and is still, despite a few stalls and starts and one near death incident, supporting the community it was set up to help. It still has the most Atari ST game reviews on the web, and is the primary source for ST magazine coverdisk downloads.

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Electric Spanner News Zone

December 2011

Two new tutorials added to the ST compatibles section. These are a short guide to the Auto folder, and a look at the various operating systems used on the ST. We're still working on the guide to installing and using a hard disk, but it should be near to being done by the end of January.

We've also added the first uploads for our PD section. It's a bit sparse at the moment, but more will follow.. There are also some ST game reviews on the way within the next week.

Zogging Hell updated (at long last). This update is mainly cosmetic, well at least sort of. The new look is installed, but you'll find that some pages now follow a slightly odd looking formatting. We'll be working our way through the pages, slowly and trying to correct formatting issues. Notably the Atari ST pages have been merged into one section, so if you can't find the games reviews that's where they are now hiding. If anyone spots a real clanger of a error please do let us know in the forums..

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